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At SANKALPA, we aim to sponsor those children who have shown high aptitude in academics but are unable to pursue their dreams of studying further owing to the abject poverty of their parents.

In India, among lower income groups it is a common practice to discontinue studies at the senior secondary stage owing to the substantial fee hike at this stage. The child is then made to do surrogate work to aid the parents or to do menial labor.

We at SANKALPA would take up responsibility for the child’s education at the beginning of his/her secondary education (the 6th standard in India) with the assurance that the parents would not interrupt upon the child’s education until he/she graduates at which point the child would have gained the emotional and mental maturity to take decisions for themselves.

Identifying Children in Need
The NGO would collaborate with the governmental education machinery such as Zilla Parishad and Panchayati Raj schools as well as other semi-government aided private schools in identifying those students who are needy and scholarship worthy.

We intend to have an annual intake of 6 children . The candidates will be selected upon the basis of their merit

Turning our Vision into a Reality
We intend to implement the following stratagem to realize our mission

Stage 1- Identification
This stage involves identifying and assessing the potential canditates .
After zeroing in, we appraise the parents and take an assurance that they will support the child till they graduate .

Stage 2 – Education
We take care of all the expenses of the children including fee, books and uniform until they graduate.

Stage 3 – Healthcare and Counseling
We provide vaccinations and supplements to the children and demonstrate to them practically how to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in their surroundings . We also have regular counseling sessions where we encourage the children to speak up about their concerns and then take steps to address those .

Stage 4 – Recreation
We understand that young children need and desire recreation and take steps to provide the same for them as often as possible by taking them on field trips and screening films for them .

Stage 5 – Mentoring
We intend to be available at the beck and call of our children and to provide them the opportunity to network with distinguished people in their chosen field of study who would then aid them in gaining employment .

“An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.- Benjamin Franklin

  • D.Guru Sandhya
  • Class 6th-A,English Medium,
  • Parents: Guruvaiah (Contract Worker), Guruvamma (Sales Woman)
  • Contact: 9849702896
  • DOB: 26-11-2003

  • M Vishnu vardhan
  • Class 7th A Telugu Medium,
  • Parents: Srinivasulu(Employee)
  • Padma (House Wife)
  • Contact:9603038842
  • DOB: 18-11-2003